The Transatlantic Economy 2010 Annual Survey of Jobs, Trade and Investment between the United States and Europe

With $4.28 trillion in commercial sales, transatlantic trade between the United States and Europe is the most important foreign commercial market for each side. This annual report conducted by Brookings and written by Daniel Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan offers the most up-to-date analysis on transatlantic job sourcing, investment, and trade for all 50 US states and all EU member economies.

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Globalization & Europe: Prospering in the New Whirled Order

Globalization has dramatically changed how the world economy functions. Daniel Hamilton & Joseph Quinlan analyze who is winning and who is losing in this new model as well as the impact on areas such as job growth, GDP growth, investment, and trade. Globalization effects governments, companies, consumer behavior, and public policy. Hamilton and Quinlan lay out, in an ambitious study, the pains and gains of the changing economic model across a myriad of domains.

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Power Politics: Energy Security, Human Rights, and Transatlantic Relations

Esther Brimmer, deputy director and director of research at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, presents a work documenting ideas discussed at a 2008 conference on the impact of energy security issues on international political affairs. Brimmer focuses on human rights issues in countries in the transatlantic region as well as how issues of energy policy effect the realm of foreign affairs.

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Fortresses and Icebergs: Volume 2 Country Studies

Part 2 of a two volume set, authors Jeffrey Bialos, Christine E. Fisher & Stuart L. Koehl have carried out the most objective study of the transatlantic defense market to date. They discuss this market’s impact on US foreign policy as well as provide recommendations for future involvement and discuss the critical political and legal causes that greatly impact the defense industry.

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France, America and the World: A New Era in Franco-American Relations?

The relationship between the United States and France faces challenges but decision-makers could also seize upon a great opportunity to rebuild a strong transatlantic partnership. Editors Daniel Hamilton and Michel Foucher have collected a comprehensive set of perspectives on this relationship from decision-makers and key figures in both France and the United States. Discssing issues of global security to economics and foreign relations, authors include: Nathalie Delapalme; Daniel S. Hamilton; Ian O. Lesser; Bruno Tertrais; Jean-Pierre Filiu; Jean-François Jamet; Leo Michel; Celeste Wallander; Michel Foucher; Maxime Lefebvre; and Gwendolyn Mikell.

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