Patrick Chamorel

Merkel without the Market or the Courage – AP -

By Patrick Chamorel
die Welt
Conservatives are questioning whether Angela Merkel has the courage to take actions that will provoke her social democrat partners, or whether she will give up her strong commitment to the free market political philosophy. Is it the fate of market-oriented political leaders to come short of their own promises and the hopes of their supporters? Are their shortcomings traceable to similar causes or do they tend to vary widely with the personalities of leaders and national political contexts? Read More »

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Sarkozy’s Big Adventure – AP -

By Patrick Chamorel
Hoover Digest
While Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin continue to stumble, Nicolas Sarkozy has bided his time. Now he’s ready to make his move. But is France ready for him?…more

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